Paul Mooney Cracks Up Tavis Smiley

Paul Mooney Cracks Up Tavis Smiley

Paul Mooney cracks up Tavis Smiley on the show telling him to hire more dark skinned people. Tavis replied, “You missed the dark-skinned guy, he’s in the control room.” Funny comeback, but why does the dark-skinned brother have to be in the control room.

Mooney doesn’t think he has a gift, but that timing is everything in comedy. The audience can become one, and they can turn on you in a moment. Paul, the comic great said, he stopped caring about pleasing the audience. Paul didn’t do drugs because of his grandmother.

Paul Mooney Black Radical

Even being a friend of a prolific drug user, Richard Pryor, Paul still didn’t do drugs. Richard never offered him drugs, and that made him great friends with Mooney. Richard understood himself and knew he wasn’t the type of comedian Richard was or Eddie Murphy.

paul mooney cracks up tavis smiley

Paul Mooney kicked a lot of doors down for comedians and entertainers to do the things they do today!


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