Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart Radical Author

Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart Radical Author

The great Nigerian author, Chinua Achebe wrote a classic and literary powerful book that told a story of colonialism in a light that was not seen or heard of prior to. Caucasian European historians had dominated the field in telling the story of Africa from their isolated and often, biased point of view.

When Chinua Achebe published his book, Things Fall Apart, he told of the harsh reality of colonialism that nearly every country in the world, who’d been colonized (inappropriately) resonated with.

Because of this resonation, Achebe received countless letters, even from Korea regarding their ability to relate to the story. Korean women felt Achebe told their story. Revealing colonialism is a worldwide conundrum put in place by Caucasian (white) Europeans with evil intent.

the Radical Author of Things Fall Apart

Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart Radical Author

A Black Radical in his own right, Achebe was a novelist, poet, professor, and activist. His first book or novel, Things Fall Apart, is considered the most read book in modern African literature.

Radical Author Follows His Heart

He won the Man Booker International Prize in 2007, for authors that is a big deal. Established in Igbo town in Nigeria and was a top student. He won scholarships to study medicine but ultimately decided to follow his heart and study English literature.

The Biafra war broke and he supported the Biafran independence, even presented himself as an ambassador.

Achebe believed colonialism was a vicious attempt to take a nation from the responsible elders and put it into the hands of the lesser responsible youth. This is where fight and struggle, violence, destruction, and war comes from. The destruction is perpetrated and staged by the oppressor.

BlAcK RaDiCal Achebe Had Tough Times with Publishers

The black radical talks about his tumultuous relationship with publishers and with politics in general. He was loved all over the world where people appreciate a humanitarian, writer, fighter-for-the-people, and a voice for the oppressed. Enjoy this video of a true #blackradical.



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