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Dr. Kamau Kambon EXTERMINATING All White People

Footage aired on C-SPAN (amazingly enough!) in 2005. Where was the public reaction? There was none, so far as I’ve ever heard. Howard University did issue this statement since it rented out space for the panel discussion that took place on October 14, 2005, shown in the video:​ ________________________________________ Information on this man and […]

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The Late Great Nelson Mandela as President

The Late Great Nelson Mandela as President Many people know or have heard of the late great Nelson Mandela, as a president, but more as the South African leader. Nelson was born in a village in South Africa called Mvezo, which is in Umtata. This was part of South Africa’s Cape Province. His middle name […]

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Medgar Evers Life Story

 Medgar Evers Life Story Medgar Evers was a civil rights activist who organized voter-registration efforts, demonstrations and boycotts of companies that practiced discrimination. Born in Mississippi, he served in World War II. He did this before going to work for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Prior to his civil rights […]