Black Power

Black Radicals Resurgence

With the events going on in Africa with governments being suspended, presidents detained, and embassy’s, particularly French Embassys being shutdown, we felt the need to make a resurgence of this very website, Refresher. “Black radicals” typically refers to individuals or groups who advocate for radical political and social change within the context of Black […]

Black Power Black Radicals

Dr. Kamau Kambon EXTERMINATING All White People

Footage aired on C-SPAN (amazingly enough!) in 2005. Where was the public reaction? There was none, so far as I’ve ever heard. Howard University did issue this statement since it rented out space for the panel discussion that took place on October 14, 2005, shown in the video:​ ________________________________________ Information on this man and […]

Black Politics

Kathleen Cleaver Black Panther Radical

  Kathleen Cleaver Black Panther Radical This US professor of law and former black panther organizer and communications secretary for the party is a real black radical. Kathleen Cleaver is popularly known for being married to Eldridge Cleaver. Eldridge was a black panther leader and also authored the book Soul on Ice. The couple divorced […]