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America Brands Itself Better Than Africa

 America Brands Itself Better Than Africa Senegalese rapper, songwriter, founder of Lady Gaga, and businessman talks at the Youth Connekt in Kigali in Rwanda. He tells a brief but fitting storyline of how America is great because they have been great at branding and marketing (themselves). America brands itself better than Africa has, primarily because […]

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The Late Great Nelson Mandela as President

The Late Great Nelson Mandela as President Many people know or have heard of the late great Nelson Mandela, as a president, but more as the South African leader. Nelson was born in a village in South Africa called Mvezo, which is in Umtata. This was part of South Africa’s Cape Province. His middle name […]

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Africa’s Wealthiest Aliko Dangote

 Africa’s Wealthiest Aliko Dangote Most people do not equate wealth with the continent of Africa. Nevertheless, Africa is immensely wealthy because it produces most of the natural resources that take care of our great planet. This leads us to a resourceful man right from the resourceful continent. You may not know Africa’s wealthiest Aliko […]