Huey Newton a Black Panther Great

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Huey Newton a Black Panther Great

Huey Newton and the Black Panther party were very vocal, impactful, and popular political party. They participated strongly in communities helping oppressed people, mainly African Americans who have been grossly oppressed in the very country of their own nativity.

In the video above, Huey spoke on helping a member or civilian who would be legally lynched; that is given a kangaroo court and sentenced to death.

Obviously a handsome, nicely spoken, Huey and Bobby Steele put together a great movement to help oppressed people, beginning with his own “black” people. This was an international movement in other nations to oppressed people around the world.

When asked who he (Newton) blamed for the oppression in the United States, he responded, “I’m blaming the 76 companies who control Nixon; these are the monopolies oligarchy that controls the people in this country, but they also run the empire.”

Huey Newton a Black Panther Great

Newton’s desire was for the people to truly be in control of the country, and not the oligarchy rich who desire to rule over the poor, needy, and oppressed. Thanks for watching and reading. If you like civil right videos like these and would like to be a contributor, contact us.



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