America Brands Itself Better Than Africa

Senegalese rapper, songwriter, founder of Lady Gaga, and businessman talks at the Youth Connekt in Kigali in Rwanda. He tells a brief but fitting storyline of how America is great because they have been great at branding and marketing (themselves).

America brands itself better than Africa has, primarily because of technology and creative educating methods in film production. Akon talks about this brilliantly in the video above. For years, I’ve attempted to get black Americans to understand the richness of what they have on the African continent.

For years, I could not penetrate to express to them what is really there. The images coming from the television were too overpowering for them. Those images included zebras, elephants, jungles, out of control thuggery, genocides, and other wildlife things people are not used to.

Akon Stresses Control the Narrative

Being from there, I knew better, but I’m glad many others are now going there and visiting to get their own perspective and experience. Share this with others so they also can under the strength in their ignorance.

We all must understand the strength in America’s branding and marketing, and how African authors, marketers, filmmakers, and journalist, need to control the narrative! Akon, black radical!

America Brands Itself Better Than Africa Akon