Get the Unconscious Conscious of Their Unconscious Behavior

“Our task is not to teach the unconscious to become conscious but to make the unconscious, conscious of their unconscious behavior.”

It’s vital because “the unconscious” is automatically and instinctively seeking freedom, which cannot be attained in an unconscious state!

The unconscious reacts on instinct; while the conscious react with reason. All-the-more the reason, why it is important to get, maintain and help others become conscious.

Leaders today are trying to get people who are unconscious of their environment, unconscious to the natureĀ of their government, to become conscious.

The direction of the consciousness they are seeking is what the late civil rights activist, Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture) sought to change. Instead of attempting diligently to make them conscious of the truth and knowledge; the leader’s emphasis should be to make them conscious of their unconscious behavior.