Black Radical Congress Freedom Agenda

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Black Radical Congress Freedom Agenda

Most people may have thought that black radicals was or is a new concept or idea.  It is not! Black radicals is a terminology that was developed during the Civil Rights Movement in America during the 1950s 60s and 70s.

During that time many black men and women became “radical”  in their own personal fight for liberation. They were radical for justice for the colored people in America,  especially those of African or negroid descent. They fought not only for themselves and for their people but also for the world.

Really, for the world?


The world cannot exist unerringly while people are being oppressed. The bottom will always fall out of such an establishment.  Many of the black radicals of the past that were not assassinated or vanquished from the country, found another type of life.

They witnessed and lived through the extremely oppressive and excessive force of violence, drugs, and family destruction to enter the black community. They saw a different type of demon rearing itself in all black communities.

This demon was a psychologically disastrous, misleading educationally, sociologically deprecative, and biologically deadly in their war against the black man woman and child.

Because of this, different organizations were put together to keep the fight for freedom and equality alive. One of which was an organization called the Black Radical Congress or BRC.

Focusing on Increasing Social Justice

They were founded in 1998 in the wonderful City of Chicago. They were a grassroots network of people and organizations all of the African descent. The BRC focused on urging for a wide range of continuous increasing social justice.

They also stood in the gap for racial impartiality and economic fairness for all people in the United States (especially black people).The organization began with 2000 different participants and their first agenda was something called the freedom agenda.

While we (#blackradicals) are pulling most of this information about this organization from Wikipedia, you can still find traces of articles online by doctorate-level scholars who participated with the BRC. We are not sure this organization is still together or if it has been disbanded.

Black Radical Congress and the Freedom Agenda

This article aimed to shed light on the ideology of black radicalism and black radicals in the past. Our current website,, is not a new idea of progressing and strengthening black presence and equality. Many before us have put in work of immortalizing past works and empowering the current and future black radicals.

All of this will maintain and increase social justice and equality of blacks in America and all over the world. This has been and is an ongoing fight for equality, globally! Keep the fight, become a black radical inwardly!

If you know anyone or anything in addition regarding the Black Radical Congress, please contact us.



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