Africa’s Wealthiest Aliko Dangote

Most people do not equate wealth with the continent of Africa. Nevertheless, Africa is immensely wealthy because it produces most of the natural resources that take care of our great planet. This leads us to a resourceful man right from the resourceful continent.

You may not know Africa’s wealthiest Aliko Dangote, but if you’re into natural resources and a businessman, you should. He is a Nigerian and he’s got a lot of bread (money-wealth). We definitely place him high as a black radical.

First his background:

Sixty years young, currently living in Lagos, Nigeria, married with three of them (children). He’s not walking around with some big degree from some big school. He has a modest bachelor of arts and science. He received it from Al-Azhar University.

Last we ( checked, arts and science degrees weren’t making people one of the wealthiest in the world. How did Africa’s wealthiest, Aliko Dangote, pull this off? Well, he made it his business to go into the industry of cement, sugar, and flour.

He’s industrious, a characteristic of a black radical. Cement is used to build stuff and roads; sugar is used for the sweet tooth, and flour for fufu (Nigerians get it). All that mixed together and BAM, you’re a billionaire! Not so fast; you need a vision, plans, and dedication.

105th Wealthiest Billionaire in the World 

Not to mention, Dangote owns stakes in publicly traded salt, sugar, and flour manufacturing companies. He produces cement to the tune of 44 million metric tons on a yearly basis. He also plans to increase that production rate by 2020 by 33%.

His holding company owns 90% of his Dangote Cement company (strategic). Aliko Dangote is recorded as the 105th wealthiest billionaire in the world and is the top shelf guy in Nigeria. That means he’s number one; he holds that also for the continent of Africa.

Everyone says when you meet him, he’s truly a humble person, and certainly deserves features on


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Biography of the Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe

Nnamdi Azikiwe was one of the leading Nigerian and West African nationalists, as well as the first president of Nigeria. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, born on Nov. 16, 1904, of Ibo parents in Zungeru, Northern Nigeria, where his father worked as a clerk in the Nigerian Regiment was truly Nigerian.

Dr. Azikiwe, an Ibo from southeast Nigeria, presided over a democratic Government. This group was in power for a mere three years before the regional tensions that have marked the country’s politics ever since.

The tensions led to the first of many military coups. He got involved and would make a lasting mark.

He began as a lawyer, went into political science, and went decided to become a journalist.  This led him to become a political activist, and eventually the first President (and for many years Nigeria’s elder statesman).

Dr. Azikiwe towered over the affairs of Africa’s most populous nation. He attained the rare status of a truly national hero who came to be admired across the regional and ethnic lines dividing his country.

Former President Nnamdi Azikiwe, Life

As was written in an obituary in a 1996 issue of Jet,

Known as a vigorous champion of African independence from European colonial rule, Dr. Azikiwe attained the rare status of national hero, admired across the regional and ethnic lines dividing his country.”

For much of his life, Azikiwe was a staunch defender of his Ibo people, and he helped to end the Biafran civil war that oppressed his tribe in the late 1960s.

His Wife Said He Would Stay in the House 24 Hours

Fiercely independent, he was never afraid of openly expressing his thoughts and opinions. His devotedness to the cause of a stable, unified and prosperous Nigeria is an eminence a few can attain.

Throughout his life, Dr. Azikiwe’s alliance with northerners put him at odds with Obafemi Awolowo, a socialist-inclined leader of the Yoruba, the country’s other important southern group. It is and was difficult to manage three different ethnic groups.

biography of dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe

As the first President of Nigeria died in 1996, he was 91, he lived a long full life. But of course, people continue to remember him up until this day.

It is impossible to forget what he did for the country.

Nnamdi Azikiwe remains a legend in Nigeria, and in African politics. One distinguished historian Max Siollun once said that there would be no Nigeria without him. He had a tremendous influence on the unity of Nigeria.

Dr. Nnamdi “Zik” Azikiwe, black radical