Marcus Garvey and the Powerful Black Nation

Marcus Garvey had the desire to create a nation for the American Negro or black person. Along with uniting black Caribbeans and South Americans with their native African brothers and sisters. Garvey attempted some pretty big goals even by today’s standards.

Fellow black Americans often called him insane, whites and government officials said he was a lunatic. These labels are often placed on revolutionaries or “ahead of their time leaders,” who have goals so big people often faint. In the documentary, it is revealed that Marcus Garvey had an extreme ego.

A Powerful Black Nation

He did not take advice kindly or at all.  He was compelled in his mind to do things his way. This often alienated him from other black leaders and supporters. He started something bigger than himself and when this occurs, one can’t keep their hands on every detail, no matter how they wish and try.

Marcus Garvey loved reading and was inspired and motivated by his mother to be great. She even often referred to him as Moses that he would be a great deliverer for his people. At the age of 2, Marcus Garvey ran into Booker T Washington’s book, Up from slavery.

This book radically changed his life and perspective. He set out to change the world for black people. However, his early life wasn’t the best. A bad money manager, unstable in relationships, such as that with one Amy Ashwood, and a high ego caused many setbacks. Marcus Garvey Black Nation

Still, his overall objective remained. His ideas failed in Jamaica, but it would have new life in America.

He left for NYC. Garvey realized things were worse in America than it was in Jamaica and once he saw a massacre take place against black women and babies, he decided it was time for black people to fight back.

It was time out for taking a silent approach to racial conflicts.

Disunity of Black Was the Problem

He declared that whites take advantage of blacks because blacks all over the world are disunited. Garvey preached that he was the equal of any white man. He declared Africa’s images from whites were false. False images of cannibals, when in reality, Africans were intelligent, advanced, and very civilized. He declared blacks must unite.

This is the key to any black radical movement. I hope you enjoy this documentary and learn key notes from this black pioneer, and black radical.


James Baldwin’ Nigger Dick Gregory

The 43 minute video of a panel of actors, writers, comedians, and entertainers, entertain the topic of racism in America in 1969. James Baldwin does most of the talking in the video and answering the questions. One of the questions asked was which was better, black power or integration?

Baldwin claimed both were necessary. I agree in the sense that black power needs to maintain it’s focus. The focus should be based on increasing the political, economical, spiritual, and psychological mindset of the entire people and race.

These things need to be done first for the people to understand the next step, which would be integration; a controlled integration.

In the field of equality, of justice, and of freedom, Baldwin as well as the others, only wish to make (white) Americans aware or conscious. White America should be made conscious of their unconscious behavior towards the oppressed people of the nation.

These oppressed people, often thought of as black or negro, are also partnered with other oppressed in America, mainly poor whites.

James Baldwin and Dick Gregory Baldwin's Nigger (1969)

Why Negro and not Blackman?

Another question brought up in the video was why does James call the “African American” a “NEGRO” and not a blackman?

James replied, in summary, the names he uses are not names he created. Instead, they are names that were given to him by the kidnappers and robbers. These robber stole the “NEGRO” from his native continent of Africa.

Enjoy the video of this Black Radical, James Baldwin.


Huey Newton a Black Panther Great

Huey Newton and the Black Panther party were very vocal, impactful, and popular political party. They participated strongly in communities helping oppressed people, mainly African Americans who have been grossly oppressed in the very country of their own nativity.

In the video above, Huey spoke on helping a member or civilian who would be legally lynched; that is given a kangaroo court and sentenced to death.

Obviously a handsome, nicely spoken, Huey and Bobby Steele put together a great movement to help oppressed people, beginning with his own “black” people. This was an international movement in other nations to oppressed people around the world.

When asked who he (Newton) blamed for the oppression in the United States, he responded, “I’m blaming the 76 companies who control Nixon; these are the monopolies oligarchy that controls the people in this country, but they also run the empire.”

Huey Newton a Black Panther Great

Newton’s desire was for the people to truly be in control of the country, and not the oligarchy rich who desire to rule over the poor, needy, and oppressed. Thanks for watching and reading. If you like civil right videos like these and would like to be a contributor, contact us.



Get the Unconscious Conscious of Their Unconscious Behavior

“Our task is not to teach the unconscious to become conscious but to make the unconscious, conscious of their unconscious behavior.”

It’s vital because “the unconscious” is automatically and instinctively seeking freedom, which cannot be attained in an unconscious state!

The unconscious reacts on instinct; while the conscious react with reason. All-the-more the reason, why it is important to get, maintain and help others become conscious.

Leaders today are trying to get people who are unconscious of their environment, unconscious to the nature of their government, to become conscious.

The direction of the consciousness they are seeking is what the late civil rights activist, Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture) sought to change. Instead of attempting diligently to make them conscious of the truth and knowledge; the leader’s emphasis should be to make them conscious of their unconscious behavior.


The Dawn of Black Power in America

In 1969, 26 Panthers were killed by the FBI, paralyzing and even killing the Black Panther movement and political group. Seven-hundred and fifty (750) Panthers were imprisoned or jailed… the organization was systematically destroyed.

The difference between the civil rights movement and the black power movement; the civil rights movement sought equality with whites. The black power movement assumed equality with the person and thought to express that equality.

They were a proud people and did not need anyone to tell them such.

Shout out to David Hoffman youtube channel for posting this video; share and keep the awareness of black radicals, today, yesterday, and tomorrow!

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